Secure Your Front Porch

Secure Your Front Porch

Your front porch is one of the most vulnerable areas of your home. It offers easy access from the street and often has multiple access points into your home. It is also a desirable target because shipping companies often leave valuable deliveries there, right out in the open. Taking just a few steps can help secure your front porch from theft and break-ins.

Make your porch appear to be a difficult target

cameraMost thieves case their target before making their move. If a target looks too difficult, they’ll often move on to a home that looks easier to access. Some steps you can take to deter porch thefts and burglary include:

  • Clear brush and trim trees to make the front porch easily visible from the street. Potential burglars will know that they can be easily seen trying to access the home or flee with your property.
  • Place an alarm company sign in front of your home.
  • Leave lights on outside your home at night or install motion lighting.
  • Make your home look occupied using internal timed lighting fixtures.

Make getting into your home more difficult

If a thief has targeted your home for robbery, you can take these few simple steps to make carrying out a theft or burglary more difficult:

  • Make sure that your windows and doors are locked every time you leave your home. Regularly check that windows and doors are in good working order.
  • Secure any windows with installed air conditioner units as they are vulnerable access points.
  • Install a front door without a glass insert. Or reinforce door glass or windows next to the door with Plexiglas.

Alert important parties of an in-progress theft or robbery

monitorMost people are familiar with the more expensive monitored security systems on the market. However, many other options are available that can add extra security to your home without breaking your budget. These include:

  • Motion activated flood lights – these are an affordable way to deter break-ins. Most burglars will not continue a break-in under a “spotlight.”
  • Window break alarms – these are an affordable alternative you can install on every window in your house.
  • Internet monitoring systems – Self-monitor everything from who’s on your front porch to when your doors are opened to movement within your home with an internet based home monitoring system. Multiple systems are available on the market that vary in price from extremely affordable to moderately affordable.


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