Managing Your Home… There’s an App for That!

Managing Your Home… There’s an App for That!

With all of the systems and components in your home, keeping track of all of it and keeping up with ongoing maintenance can be a challenge. Yet, keeping on top of maintaining your home is critical to minimizing maintenance costs, preventing system breakdowns, and being prepared when the unexpected happens.

Luckily, we no longer need to go it alone. Take one quick look at the app store for your smartphone or mobile device and you’ll see that the booming app industry provides tons of apps to help you manage your home.

Here are just a few ways that the latest smartphone apps can help you manage what may be your biggest asset:

Home Inventory – Be ready if you ever have a fire or other disaster at your home with a complete digital inventory of your home’s contents for the insurance company.

Maintenance Checklist and Scheduling – Leaving the regular maintenance and upkeep on your home to your memory can leave the door open to forget important maintenance routines, making it more likely that an important appliance or system will break down. Fortunately, whether you use your smartphone’s digital calendar or one of the many maintenance checklist apps on the market, you can leave this task to your smartphone.

Maintenance advice and how to – Not sure exactly what you should be doing and when? Check out the many apps that serve as a great resource to learn about the what and how of maintaining your home.

Energy efficiency calculation and reduction recommendations – Determining how energy efficient your home is and what to do to improve it has never been easier than with the latest energy efficiency apps.

These are only a few examples of the many ways that apps can help you manage your home. There are also apps to help you with planning and budgeting for home improvements and remodeling and planning and even mocking up interior decorating projects.


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