Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Every year we put away our winter wardrobe and bring out our light and cool summer clothes. Why not do the same for your home? A few quick changes can make a huge difference in the look and comfort of your home. Here are a few quick things to do to refresh your home for summer.

Add fresh flowers and greenery

Pick up some fresh and inexpensive flowers each week to add color and energy to any room. Look for bright flowers like sunflowers, carnations, and tulips to create a summery feel. Add them to an unexpected place like your bedside table and guest bathroom.

Liven up your porch or front door with some greenery, such as vibrant ferns or floral containers. Add a bright new doormat too!

Swap out your curtains

It’s easy and not too costly to swap out your heavy winter curtains for lightweight versions once the weather warms up. Look for airy, sheer fabrics like chiffon. Your rooms will feel lighter and brighter.

throw-cushionsUpdate your couch with a new palette

It’s amazing what a difference a few new throw pillows can make to a room. Accent your couch with some summer colors by adding playful pillows that incorporate interesting patterns and colors. Place a new lightweight throw that complements your pillows and presto – you have a new room!

 Rotate your art and decorative pieces

Change some of your darker art pieces for fun, fresh prints to freshen a wall and lift the mood.

Try a new style with your coffee table décor by adding a summer collection of your favorite things with a few of your favorite books. Add fresh flowers or a new brightly scented candle to finish it off. Include some natural elements too like seashells or a wicker basket and tray.

lemonsThink tropical fruit colors

Keep your fruit bowl filled with vibrant, in-season produce to add a bright splash of color into your kitchen and dining room. Make it a point to smell the ripening fruit each day as you walk through your home and appreciate the scents of summer.

Create a cheery dining space

Bring out your summer tablecloths and placemats or scour your local vintage shops for some fun retro tablecloths with palm leaves or flowers. Pick up some inexpensive drinkware or platters in bright colors to accent your table.

Make scents of it

Fresh, clean fragrances are perfect for filling our homes with summertime scents. Tropical, floral, and citrus scents are ideal, with lemon, mango, fresh linen, and beachy notes.

Making big or small changes can make you proud of your home and motivate you to open your doors to friends and family to share the special season of summer.


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