Boost Your Listings with HERS Scores

Boost Your Listings with HERS Scores

Adding HERS Scores into your MLS listings description is an innovative strategy to help homeowners set their homes apart from the competition – homebuyers want energy efficient homes, and HERS Index scores tell them how energy efficient a home is.

Here are just a few items to consider:

  • Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important to buyers. In fact, many multiple listing services are adding an energy efficiency category, or HERS score (Home Efficiency Rating System) into their search criteria
  • While you can always enlist the help of an energy efficiency professional to evaluate the listing and give advice to improve a listing’s HERS score, there are often local courses and resources like phone apps that you can use to provide these services for little or no cost
  • Providing information and guidance to a homeowner on their energy efficiency rating and how to improve it, not only does it save money and improve the comfort of the home, it adds value to the home, and a higher resale price when you sell
  • While some improvements to raise a home’s HERS score can be expensive, such as replacing single-paned windows, there are many improvements that will move the meter which cost very little, such as adding weather stripping to doors and windows

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