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  • Frozen Foods: The Good, the Bad, and the Random
    Frozen Foods: The Good, the Bad, and the Random
    With March designated as Frozen Food Month, it’s time for a solid look at the benefits of frozen foods, including what foods are best for freezing, and what foods to never freeze. While human history is replete with evidence of creativity...
  • Decorative cabbage or kale, decorative cabbage
    5 Tips to Create a Beautiful and Fruitful Edible Garden
    As interest in the “Farm to Table” cooking philosophy continues to grow, many homeowners are looking to “ditch” their well-manicured, thirsty lawns for a more useful and surprisingly beautiful way to adorn their yards: edible landscaping. Also known as “foodscaping”...
  • young couple pointing at a dream house
    Before You Buy a Home
    Before you start looking for your new home, you need to take a few key steps with your finances to make the process as smooth and painless as possible. Once you take care of your finances THEN you can start...
  • Go for Green
    Go for Green
    Colors have so many associations for us. For example, we associate the color green with spring, and ideas of growth and renewal. It is also the color of money, as green relates to prosperity and abundance. Green is also associated...
  • Understanding Escrow
    Understanding Escrow
    What is Escrow – Part 1 Buying a home is an exciting event, but the process of completing that purchase can be complex. When you make an offer on a property and sign a sales agreement with the seller, the...
  • Mint chocolate ice cream
    Chocolate Mint Day
    February 19 is Chocolate Mint Day, a day recognized by the U.S. National Confectioners Association. In my opinion, it’s a day worth celebrating! The flavor of cool refreshing mint, paired with chocolate, is a perfect combination. Mint chocolate chip ice...
  • Festive place setting for Valentines day
    Enjoy Valentine’s Day Dinner at Home
    Valentine’s day falls on Tuesday this year. If you’ve got a busy schedule, and don’t want to deal with crowded restaurants or the expense, why not plan a relaxing evening in. Whether it’s just you and your sweetheart, or the...
  • February Home Maintenance Checklist
    February Home Maintenance Checklist
    Check out these tips to keep your home clean, organized, and warm during the chilly month of February....
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