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  • Hot Dogs vs Hamburgers
    Hamburger vs. Hot Dog
    Which came first? Frankly, no one knows for sure, but history suggests that both hot dogs and hamburgers arrived in America in some form in the late 1800s. Suffice it to say, these two All-American favorites have been consumed at Labor Day celebrations for a very long […]...
  • Talking with Your Clients about Safety
    Talking with Your Clients about Safety
    It’s important for real estate agents to remember to stay safe in every possible situation. But what about clients? They too face potential dangers, whether as buyers, when visiting properties for sale, or as sellers, when strangers visit their listed home. When you’re meeting with potential clients […]...
  • safety first when meeting new clients
    Stay Safe When You Meet with New Clients
    Meetings with new clients can be great, but keep in mind that they are strangers and you could be putting yourself at risk. Short of running expensive background checks, it is difficult to know whether or not a potential client could be a criminal, stalker, thief, or […]...
  • A home for sale shows the open house sign on a sunny afternoon.
    Tips for Hosting a Safe Open House Event
    Most of us would never normally hold an event at our homes where we put out a sign that welcomed in total strangers. But this is exactly what you do for your clients when you hold an open house. As part of the month-long safety awareness campaign […]...
  • safely showing a home
    Safely Showing Properties
    Here are reminders of simple ways to stay safe on the job any time you are showing a property. 1. Don’t meet strangers at a property. For a first meeting, ask the prospect to meet at your office when other people are present. If anything seems off […]...
  • personal safety app
    Safety Apps and Wearable Tech Designed to Keep You Safe
    Even though September is REALTOR® Safety Month, your safety should be a year-round focus. And to help you stay safe year round, we’ve created a list of the latest technologies designed with personal safety in mind. These tools include attractive wearable safety devices and savvy smartphone apps […]...
  • Eight Things You Should Clean But Probably Don’t
    Eight Things You Should Clean But Probably Don’t
    At, we’re always on the lookout for safe, easy cleaning tips that preferably use natural ingredients. You may have noticed how much we love to recommend vinegar as a cleanser, for example. That got us thinking about the weird stuff that needs cleaning from time to […]...
  • Don't Let Your Home Linger on the Market
    Don’t Let Your Home Linger on the Market
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