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Fall brings crunchy leaves and cooler weather. It’s also the season for everyone’s favorite holidays, which means decorating, cooking, and enjoying time with family and friends.Read more

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Regular care and maintenance is needed to ensure the value and comfort of your home. Find helpful articles to keep your home in tip-top shape inside and out.Read more

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  • Create New Homemade Holiday Wreath Traditions
    Create New Homemade Holiday Wreath Traditions
    Deck Your Home with Boughs of Holly (or Magnolia, or Spruce, or…) When you think of childhood holidays, what memories come to mind? One of mine is of winter walks through a nearby holly tree grove. I’d go there, if...
  • Christmas homemade gingerbread cookies on wooden table
    Make Some Gingerbread Memories This Holiday Season
    Nothing quite symbolizes the holidays like gingerbread, from candy-studded edible houses to spiced, dense loaves of cake and remarkably decorated cookies. Throughout Europe, gingerbread has taken many forms since the 10th century. Once prepared using honey and ginger and flavored...
  • Man Taking Roast Turkey Out Of a clean Oven.
    Pre-holiday Oven and Stove Maintenance
    It’s a holiday morning and you get up before everyone else to start cooking in peace. You preheat your oven and start prepping your turkey.  Then, “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!” Followed by smoke and hastily awoken judgmental in-laws. “How could you...
  • entertaining in small spaces
    Holiday Hosting – Big Crowd, Small Space
    Planning a holiday gathering? Wondering how you’ll pile a big crowd of friends or family into a small space, without hitting the eggnog early and often? Relax. Take the time to plan your space, don’t over-decorate, keep the food simple,...
  • home maintenance app
    Managing Your Home… There’s an App for That!
    With all of the systems and components in your home, keeping track of all of it and keeping up with ongoing maintenance can be a challenge. Yet, keeping on top of maintaining your home is critical to minimizing maintenance costs,...
  • home warranty vs home owners insurance
    Home Warranty vs. Homeowners Insurance
    Owning a home is the one of the greatest investments you’ll make in your life and protecting that investment is crucial. Investing in both a homeowners insurance policy and a home warranty is the best way to protect your home....
  • Boost Your Listings with HERS Scores
    Boost Your Listings with HERS Scores
    Adding HERS Scores into your MLS listings description is an innovative strategy to help homeowners set their homes apart from the competition – homebuyers want energy efficient homes, and HERS Index scores tell them how energy efficient a home is. Here...
  • A Smarter Home - IoT in Your Appliances and Home Systems
    A Smarter Home – IoT in Your Appliances and Home Systems
    Want a smarter home? Start with smarter versions of appliances or home systems you use every day. Your kitchen, heating and cooling, plumbing, and other devices can benefit from upgrades that use smart technologies. If you’re in the market to...
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