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  • personal safety app
    Safety Apps and Wearable Tech Designed to Keep You Safe
    September is REALTOR® Safety Month, but your safety should be a year-round focus. To help you stay safe all year, we’ve created a list of the latest technologies designed with personal safety in mind. These tools include wearable safety devices...
  • Tips for Your Abundant Garden Harvest
    Tips for Your Abundant Garden Harvest
    It’s summertime and vegetable gardens are brimming. Even after you’ve eaten your fill, shared with friends and coworkers, and snuck some excess zucchini onto your neighbor’s porch, chances are, you’re still chin deep in your garden harvest. Keep your hard...
  • Flooded houses
    Natural Hazard Disclosure Reports – What You Should Know
    What is a Natural Hazard Disclosure Report? Is the property you want to buy located within a natural hazard zone? California law requires real estate agents and sellers to provide home buyers with a “natural hazard disclosure statement” form. To...
  • outdoor lawn games
    DIY Yard Game Fun for Labor Day
    Labor Day is the perfect time to make an escape from all things digital — at least for a few hours. Barbecues and yard parties are some of the most popular ways to celebrate this unofficial end of summer. The Labor...
  • dog relaxing on a fancy red hammock with sunglasses
    Keep Your Dog Safe and Cool in the “Dog Days of Summer”
    Summertime is a fun time to spend with our four-legged friends. With a world of outdoor activities to explore, dogs offer great, willing companionship whether camping for the weekend, backpacking through the wilderness, or taking a dip in a lake...
  • Closeup side view of ants on a cupcake. There are several ants. Cupcake is on a checkered table cloth.
    Ways to Safely Control Pests at Home
    When pests invade our home it can be tempting to reach for a can of bug spray to eliminate them quickly, but there are often much safer ways to get rid of pests. In many cases, the best and most...
  • japanese meatball grill or tsukune cooked with teriyaki sauce
    International Barbecues
    Summertime means barbecue. When the weather is warm we love to live, play, eat, and cook outdoors. Our typical American barbecue gathering can include everything from ribs and tri-tip, to hot dogs and hamburgers. But with so many regional variations...
  • Cool Summer Home
    Keep Your House Cool This Summer
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